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A language café? to help you improve your Swedish


Different times, different places!

One of our regular programs in the church is to have a weekly language café or Språkkafé. This is focused on those who are studying Swedish and who would like to practice the language. We have had a wonderful time getting to know people from many different places through this event.

Språkkafé - Practicing Swedish - International Church

1- Språkkafé in the Center

For Everyone

Tid: Mondays 18:00

Place: International Church

2- Språkkafé in Österängen

For Women

Tid: Thursdays 10:00

Place: Birkagården

Språkkafé for kvinnor - Osterangen

Join us at church! As our church is in both languages Swedish and English, it is a good opportunity to come and join us during our events. You make friends and you learn the language!

Our Sunday services are every Sundays at 11:00. English and Swedish are spoken up front. It is a great way to verify that you have understood correctly the Swedish version compare to the English one.

We are a really lively church. We have things happening every week. With our overall ministries, we are secure that you will find something that will suit you from women’s ministry to music ministry.

Small groups of the church meets every week and talk about the Bible. Join a Swedish group and bring your Swedish to the next level!

Still want more?

Listening to Swedish music can help you discern and get to know new words in Swedish.

We are delighted to propose you listen to our IC Worship band’s Spotify songs. Some songs are in Swedish and others in English. This way you will have a variety of everything!

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